What XM cloud brought to us?

Recently, Sitecore has officially released their Sitecore Experience Manager, XM Cloud and as the tweet by Sitecore CEO, Steve Tzikakis, it is most significant milestone in Sitecore history.

So, we are going to discuss how Sitecore Experience Manager, XM cloud going to be such significant milestone in Sitecore History and what it has brought to us that will make customer experience mind blowing?

Image from Sitecore

Sitecore XM Cloud is a step towards the Sitecore’s 100% SaaS platform offering for enterprise solution and a composable digital experience platform (DXP) centered around content. With this, Sitecore took its core CMS solution to modern cloud architecture achieving speed to market with implementation of the immersive customer experience and overcoming challenges faced in flexibility, scaling, including variable traffic, multi brand architectures, and site security.

Following are some of the features and challenges overcame by XM cloud:

  • Continued innovation – with XM cloud, there are various new features, and all features are SaaS based. These features and capabilities will continue to receive updates and innovation going forward. In addition to this, new features will be released seamlessly as part of the product lifecycle.
  • Elastic scaling – It manages scaling and elasticity and easily set-and-forget traffic volume demands.
  • Composability – XM cloud follows the composable architecture and any Sitecore’s platform solution can now be purchased independently and will fit in any marketing technology stack easily
  • On-the-Fly Engagement – XM cloud makes it possible to cope with changing demands in the market at high rate and create experiences to fulfilling market needs.
  • Multichannel content management – Following headless architecture makes it achieve omni channel content delivery without any challenges.
  • Simplicity for marketers– XM cloud brought content authors with easy to use, business-focused tools and intuitive content authoring workflows
  • Agility for developers – XM cloud follows agility workflow for deployment with customized builds utilizing modern frameworks.
  • Future Upgrades – with the continuous innovation, there will no longer be need for significant cost and effort spent on upgrades.  The XM cloud has its own automatic upgrades. However, there can be costs involved while switching from existing Sitecore customers to Sitecore XM cloud.
  • Edge Caching & GraphQL Querying Sitecore XM Cloud uses a technology called Experience Edge that will provide a level of performance better traditional web server architecture. Experience edge is kind of network of servers all around to cache to deliver your content quickly.