Sitecore send – a composable offering for Email automation and marketing

Sitecore is moving towards a SaaS-based platform offering for enterprise solution and a composable digital experience platform (DXP) centered around content. Sitecore has acquired in May 2021 with the effort of adding best of the breed to the class of composable offerings.

Moosend is microservices-based, API-first and cloud-native marketing platform that offers greater personalization and customer engagement with AI-powered analytics and reporting. Moosend has been working with around 2500+ small to large and massive organizations like hewlett packard enterprise, Forbes, NASA, CITYAM, Tedx, health organizations like UNICEF, etc. All these organizations are using moosend for different business cases and marketing needs for market automation, newsletter, better website experience, etc.

It simplifies the way we execute email marketing and customer engagements by providing :

  1. Complete SaaS Platform
  2. Holistic Customer database
  3. Omnichannel digital experience
  4. AI driven Email Experience
  5. Campaign management
  6. Advanced list segmentation
  7. Reduce developer dependency
  8. Simple marketing automation workflows
  9. Powerful real time reporting and analytics
  10. Fast and real time customer journeys

If you like to use Sitecore send, you will get package starting from $10/month that includes up to 2,000 subscribers and an enterprise plan with custom pricing. Sitecore also offer trial version of 1 month to explore Sitecore send however, you may not be able to explore all in trial version.


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